A solar water pump has a mini power house and consists of a calibrated and matching solar array of modules – tuned with the equivalent power of pump for that particular application. The solar water pumping system is capable of running all types of electrical water pumps with applications varying from irrigation to household demands. Irrigation pumps such as submersible, surface or deep well can also be coupled with drip irrigation systems to enhance the returns from this configuration.

We can provide customized solution for existing AC Water pump.The system does not have any storage battery since power generated is used immediately. The SPV array converts the solar energy into electricity which is used for running the motor pump set. The pumping system can draw water from the open well / bore well or stream / pond or canal.

  • All drive parts are from world class manufacturers.
  • All other parts like switches etc. are from reputed make.
  • Special drive software can do additional functions:
    •     Dry run detection and protection against it.
    •     Short circuit protection.
    •    Pump clogging can be removed by rotating forward and backward rotation of the pump.
    •    In-built MPPT (Maximum power point tracking) which takes max. power from the panel.
    •    Auto Start and Auto Stop.
    •    Auto Fault reset.

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