Solar Panels

Produce Your Own Clean Energy

Solar panels produce renewable clean energy while securing low utility rates. Our panels exceed industry standards for durability and lifespan.

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Product technical advantages (BOM side)

1. Innovative high-quality cells:

Reduced internal electrical resistance ensures higher power output: -The distance between bus bar is reduced helps in reduction of electrical resistance to the electrons and effectively boost power Output.

innovative highquality cells

  • Less Chances of micro cracks: -With reduction in electrode size and 4 bus bars ensure uniform distribution of stress on the cell. As a result, 4 bus bar cells are more durable.
  • 4 Bus bar design has 15 % less residual stress compared to conventional 3 bus bar cells.
  • Due to reduced stress, lower hotspot risk.

innovative ghraph

No solder coating done on bus bar/electrodes. Hence whatever light falls on electrode surface is uniformly reflected on cell surface; whereas in traditional cells light has diffused reflection. Hence this feature contributes to higher efficiency.

innovative ghraph

Extremely fine electrodes (fingers) increases the actual effective cell area increasing power output Module

innovative ghraph

2. High tech EVA material:

High volume resistant EVA limits the movement of sodium ions from cell to glass surface thereby effectively preventing PID degradation.

EVA with excellent UV performance

innovative ghraph

3. High UV resistant back sheet:

After UV exposure, sheet shows high performance, with no yellowing effect as compared to conventional module. UV resistant back sheet ensures high Quality and performance.

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4. High quality glass:
  • Anti-reflective coating with direct diffusion to the glass ensures high durability, enhanced light absorption and minimal light reflection which results in power gain.
  • Glass coating prevents accumulation of dust even in desert environment on the surface resulting in less maintenance. Even after sand blowing test Anchor modules have higher light transmission.
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5. Rigid frame and Water proof junction
  • Hollow chamber aluminium alloy frame ensures less weight per m2
  • Tested and passed 3800 pa wind loads and 5400 pa snow load test provides high strength to module.
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Solar Module features

1. High Module Efficiency & industry leading warranty
  • High efficiency 4 BB cells lead to high module efficiency. Anchor module achieves 16.3 % efficiency, which is higher compared to polycrystalline module family.
  • 4BB design, reduced hot spot risk, higher exposed cell area ensures high performance and reliable product.
  • High quality material like EVA film, back sheet, glass and frames ensures high performance and reliable product.
  • Industry leading warranty based on nominal power 97.5 % in first year for years two (2) through to year twenty five (25) 0.7 % maximum decrease from module power output per year ending with 80 % in 25thYear.

2. Positive Power Tolerance:
  • Anchor solar modules 0 to +5 W Positive tolerance.
  • Product capacity is always in plus side, i.e. 260 Wp polycrystalline solar module shall deliver 260 Wp to 265 Wp power at STC.

3. Current sorting process:
  • Anchor solar modules are sorted as per the current in different categories like I1, I2 & I3.
  • All similar category modules are batched and packed together. Hence any module pallet shall have similar kinds of modules.
  • At the time of installation current sorting process helps in reducing the module mismatch losses.

4. Extended wind and snow load test:
  • Dynamic wind tunnel testing with storm wind > 30 m/s. Modules are capable to withstand storm wind
  • Modules installed in two different installation methods, after wind tunnel test module shows almost no power loss.
  • Modules pass enhanced hail storm test (hails of 40 mm in diameter with 27 m/s speed hit on module)
  • Modules pass dynamic load test (+/-1000 pa, 1000 cycles)

5. PID Resistant Module
  • Anchor solar modules pass IEC draft version for PID standards (60 Deg C , 85% RH, and -1000 Volts for 96 hours, power losses < 5%). Observed module power losses are < 2%.

6. Salt mist & Ammonia resistant
  • Solar modules are tested as per IEC 61701 Ed-2, Severity-1.
  • Solar modules are salt mist corrosion resistant and suitable for installation near sea shore locations.
  • Tested for Ammonia resistant test in accordance with IEC 62716 Ed. 1.0

7. Extended IEC standards

High reliability & durability of modules with extended test as per IEC standards

Certifications and Standards:
IEC 61215, IEC 61730, IEC 62804, IEC 62716, IEC 61701

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